Environmental and Social Assessment

ITPA-ELSA is a methodological research team in environmental and social assessment in the field of agriculture, food, water management and territories.

The ITAP-ELSA team aims to design scientifically-based metrics and indicators from a life cycle and sustainability perspective to support the ecological transition of industries and territories. Its work is based on the methodological framework of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

The team's project is divided into three main research areas:

  1. Assessing the eco-efficiency of the systems studied by integrating their multifunctionality and their vulnerability to global changes,
  2. Developing approaches to define the perimeters of the systems studied (e.g. taking into account consequential or rebound effects),
  3. Modeling causal chains to improve the characterization of impacts on territorialized resources (water, soil) and integrating socio-economic effects in the framework of social LCA.

Figure: LCA, an internationally recognised and standardised method (ISO 14040-46) for assessing the environmental performance of a product or service from a life-cycle perspective (from raw material extraction, to production, distribution, use and end-of-life).

ITAP is one of the founding members of the ELSA [1] (Environmental and Sustainability Lifecycle Assessment) research group dedicated to LCA and the circular economy applied to agro-bio-processes. ELSA brings together some thirty researchers, teachers and students from several laboratories and higher education institutions around Montpellier (CIRAD, IMT Mines Alès, INRAE, and the Montpellier Agro Institute) to stimulate research and transfer in the field of eco-technologies.

The team coordinates with ELSA members the ELSA-PACT 2] business chair based on a research-training-business partnership with the aim of promoting and disseminating "life cycle" thinking among public and private decision-makers, and supporting the development of sustainable industries that enhance territorial resources.

Contact details of team leader :

Eléonore LOISEAU
[1] www.elsa-lca.org
[2] www.elsa-pact.fr

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