ITAP, "Technologies and Methods for the Agriculture of Tomorrow", is a joint research unit between INRAE and the Institut Agro. It brings together nearly 80 people who are dedicated to research, teaching and the transfer of knowledge to companies and decision-makers. These activities are carried out through strong partnerships with numerous academic and economic players. In this context, UMR ITAP is interested in the agriculture of tomorrow, through two dimensions :

(1) The UMR works along the entire environmental metrology chain: data - measurement - information - action. The questions therefore concern the acquisition of data and its conversion into interpretable measurements, the subsequent construction of information to describe the state of the systems studied and, ultimately, the definition of actions to be implemented in order to control and guide the functioning of these systems.

(2) The UMR works at different scales: the structural element (such as the plant in the plot), the unit of action (such as the agricultural field), the management scale (such as the farm) or the system in its context (the territory or the global scale).At the different stages of the environmental metrology chain and at the various study scales, UMR ITAP contributes, through the activities of its four teams, to evaluating alternatives and defining means of action for efficient and sustainable agriculture.

The unit is structured into four research teams:

Head of Unit: Arnaud HELIAS


Deputy Head (INRAE): Ryad BENDOULA


Deputy Head (Institut Agro Montpellier): Bruno TISSEYRE


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