AgroTIC Chair

AgroTIC Chair

AgroTIC Chair

Support the digital transition of agriculture by creating close links between academic, research and business communities around digital agriculture.

What is a company chair?
A corporate chair is a programme whereby educational and research establishments join forces with partners from the socio-economic world to carry out actions of common interest in connection with training, research and knowledge transfer.
The AgroTIC Chair is dedicated to digital agriculture. It is part of a patronage framework and is deeply rooted in training and education, in particular through its link with the "AgroTIC" agricultural engineering specialisation.

Our motivations

Digital technologies are one way of responding to the economic, environmental and social challenges facing agriculture. From precision farming to robots, the development of tools and digital services for agriculture is booming. However, this trend is accompanied by questions from both users and suppliers: what is the real added value of these technologies, what can they be used for, what are the market opportunities, what skills are required to use them...?

"The AgroTIC Chair aims to provide answers to these questions by creating close links between academic, research and business communities around digital agriculture."

Supported by the l'Institut Agro Montpellier Foundation under the “Chairs and Think Tanks” programme, the AgroTIC Chair is a unique approach, combining the 3 host institutes with 23 member companies, ranging from start-ups to large firms, to engage in collective brainstorming. The 10 actions carried out annually aim to explore the potential of new technologies for agricultural uses, achieve a better understanding of what is helping and hindering their adoption, and facilitate the organization of an exchange network of knowledge and skills.

With a close link to the specialization offered in the 3rd year of the "AgroTIC" agricultural engineering programme, the Chair helps to strengthen students’ professional profiles by providing them with up-to-date knowledge of technologies. It facilitates their integration into the professional world by broadening their understanding of the stakes and needs of companies and professionals in the agricultural sector.

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